I have been lucky enough to convert my passion into my career. Fitness and wellbeing is my passion, and giving others the opportunity to develop their fitness and optimise their wellbeing through individualised training and nutritional programming is my 'work'. I believe loving what you do is one of the key ingredients to success. I love what I do, so besides my dedication and commitment, I believe this has helped me to develop a successful career in the fitness industry. Encouraging others to find their own desire to develop their fitness and optimise their wellbeing is highly rewarding. Once somebody develops this desire it becomes a passion and this is what kick starts the process. We become a team, with myself being the support system inspiring change in my clients’ physique and general lifestyle.


Coming from a sporting background I am no stranger to hard work. Committing to semi-professional football whilst undergoing my studies and dedicating 2 solid years to competing as a bodybuilder, meant that there have been many early morning sprints, lots of late night studying, high volumes of intense training, some crushing failures but also some uplifting successes, one of which was receiving a professional status from the WBFF in the fitness modelling category. It was these experiences that helped me to discover what I wanted my career path to look like, and it was my determination that brought me to achieve my goals.


Over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry has enabled me to work with individuals from different backgrounds, with varying body types, lifestyles and goals. Tailoring every training and nutritional program to fit each individuals lifestyle enables the client to continue living whilst simultaneously achieving their personal goals towards a healthier and happier life. I am passionate about and dedicated to providing you with the tools you require to achieve the results you wish for. We will work together to develop the physique, mindset and health status that you desire. My guidance alongside your hard work and our combined dedication will enhance your all round lifestyle!

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With a natural passion for health and the complexity of the human body I always knew that I wanted to work in health care. My enthusiasm for physical fitness and sport lead me to become more curious about how the body worked, why injuries occur and what caused pain.

From a young age I suffered with chronic back pain which effected my ability to take part in sport at school. My back hurt all the time. My parents were extremely supportive and ensured that I received the right treatment to address my pain, and prevent future back problems. They took me to physiotherapy and within a few months my pain settled, my posture was better and I suddenly found that I was able to play sport again. This experience confirmed which area of health I would choose to build my career in.

As a specialist Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapist my passion is to give others the opportunity to address their pain and injuries. I believe it is important for us to understand how our body works in order for us to enable it to perform at its best. 

My mission is for us to work as a team to identify the cause of your injury and pain, and to identify potential risk of injury. I want to give you the opportunity to understand your body in order to optimise your physical performance.

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My Qualifications:

B.Sc.(Hons) Physiotherapy

M.Sc.(Hons) Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy



Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma

Kinesio Taping

Advanced McConnell Concept Certified

Stage 5 Manipulation

APPI Matwork Pilates Level 1

Spinal Manipulation and Mobilisation Masterclass


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